These are a selection of just some of the sites I have done. I have created graphic elements for a great deal more. I deal more with the look and syling rather than extensive web programming.

Motorcycle Artworks

Motorcycle Artworks by Jack Knight, ArtistMy own site and place for the copious amount of Motorcycle related artwork I have done over the years plus it is a place to buy artwork and products of the same nature.


theQmrp,by Jack Knight, Artist and Orange county SEO specialist The Qmrp is a clearing house of information for those in the field of caring for the developmentally disabled. It is a run by Anne Mason, a QMRP and will in the coming months offer full online training, downloadable forms packages for those in the field, online consulting and numerous manuals

Ron Cooper Associates

Ron Cooper Associates designed and created by Jack Knight, Artist and Orange county SEO specialistRon Cooper, a retired Assessor of the Orange County Tax Assessor office and property tax specialist offers tax advice and consulting services to those in need in the commerical marketplace.

Rally Face

Rally Face  designed and created by Jack Knight, Artist and Orange county SEO specialistFor a more detailed description of Rally face go Here

The rallyface web site is no longer managed by me and has been redesigned by the new owners


minimation.tvMinimation has not been updated for some time. It was created as a companion for a series of short political animations orginally slated to air on CNN.
As well as creating the website I extensively worked on the animation and design of much of the content.

Pearly White Dental

Pearly White Dental by Jack Knight, Artist and Orange county SEO specialistDr Titi Dang in Huntington Beach Ca.
I designed the website and placement, social network, advertising for both print and web which included email blasts, printed and downloadable coupons and flyers, signage etc.

Knit with Sheldon

Knit with Sheldon by Jack Knight, Artist and Orange county SEO specialistKnit with Sheldon is a front end vehicle for an on line yarn store selling discontinued and specialty yarn. While the yarn store is fully functional the content sections of the sheldon site are not, yet and have been updated from As2 to as3 as there is more plans in the works to offer more for the young knitter in regards to information and fun and games.
Sheldon orginally grew out of the logo from Yarnxpress and was a monthly feature of the yarn xpress web banner

Yarn Xpress

Yarn Xpress No longer an active website but was a major online marketer of speciality yarn and knitting supplies. I designed the logo and many of the webgraphics.