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New Work

7-2010 Kachinas

Yoda, Jack Knight, Artist

Painted Wood.

A friend asked me to fix one of her Kachinas as she tried to clean it and smeared the paint all over it. Since I was cleaning up the paint I I figured it wasn't so hard to make a copy. I am not a wood worker but I took the angle grinder with an abrasive pad and roughed out the shape so it was pretty close then sanded smooth and painted it.

It is hard to see in the photo and you can't really see the scroll work or the color shift paintI used on it. She didn't think it as funny as I did when I told that I had changed him a little bit and clear glossed him to keep the paint from smearing again.

This was quite fun to do so I made 3 more of them. Not quite the tradional Indian Designs nor materials but...

3 Kachinas by Jack Knight, Artist3 Kahinas (oppsite side) Jack Knight, Artist